We understand that when customers need their tanks, they need their tanks. To achieve this Tank Partners Permian allocates production capacity to each customer order. This ensures that each order is completed on time and tanks are available when required. Once production capacity is allocated, we do not accept any new orders that would put a delay on existing customers. That’s why we are your ideal tank partner!


Each tank is manufactured to API 12 “Specification for Shop welded Tanks for storage of Production Liquid”. We utilize state of the art automated weld devices and each tank is tested using non-destructive test procedures to one and a half times design pressure.

Tank Partners Permian Machine Weld Profile

Tank Partners Machine Weld Profile


Tanks Partners Permian is a certified inspected and approved manufacturing facility that delivers quality as a first priority. Because quality is a first priority we offer a 1 year warranty on all tanks.Tank Partners Permian wants to be a partner with our customers not just a supplier and that’s just another reason why we are your ideal tank partner!

Tank Partners 400 BBL tank Delivery

Managed by highly skilled, hands-on Executive Officers with significant industry experience, Tank Partners Permian bring a high level of service and expertise to fulfill your oil storage requirements and adopt a 'can do' attitude.

We are accessible, prompt and responsive, just as you would want your tank partner to be.



Located in Perryton, TX, JL Bryan Equipment & Lease Services, Inc is an affiliate of Tank Partners, Inc. JL Bryan has an outstanding reputation in the oil & gas industry dating back over 38 years. JL Bryan has an extensive inventory of separators, heaters treaters, free water knock outs, API tanks and other oilfield equipment. It also has a convenient store front with thousands of valves and other parts in stock, plus a valve exchange program with on-site repair. If JL Bryan does not have what you need on hand, the company can build or get it at a moments notice.