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Expert tips for delivering a 750 bbl gunbarrel oil field tank


Delivering a large oilfield tank requires expert skill, here are 5 expert tips:

1. Use a kick ass tank trailer

A 750 bbl gun barrel tank is 15 feet, six inches wide and 25 feet high. Delivery requires a purpose built tank trailer so that the tank itself sits low in the cradle of the trailer.750 bbl oil field tank ready to ship in Texas

Weight is a another factor so the trailer has to be designed to support the tank weight. Note the 4 axles at the rear.


2. Protect the flanges

The flanges at the top of the tank must be protected. If not protected the flanges have the risk of snagging low hanging utility or data lines. To provide best protection, PVC tubes are secured over the flanges so that if a low hanging wire or line comes in contact with the tank or flange, it skipps over causing no damage.

3. Secure the load for wind

It may not be blowing in Seguin Texas when the tank is loaded but it will be in west Texas. An oilfield tank has a high wind resistance going down the road so make sure there are at least 3 high strenghth straps securing the tank. The experianced driver will stop periodically to check the straps and retighten as necessary.

 750bbl oilfield tank on the interstate in texas4. Use Experienced Escorts

Any load over 14 feet in width in Texas requires an escort, otherwise known as a flag car. The flag car is in constant radio contact with the truck driver and guides him or her on the route. The flag car is an extra set of eyes and ears which is important as the drivers vision can be obscured by the wide load.

5. Plan for some delays

As with many wide loads, oil field tanks are subject to extra scruitiny by police, state troopers, and DOT. They attract more than their fair share of attention most propbably by their sheer size. What that means is that it will be more common to be pulled over and inspected and this will cause delays. Make sure there are allowances made in shedulling delivery to site.    

Tank Partners works with expert transport providers to deliver tanks in Texas Oklahoma and New Mexico. We only work with expert transport companies and that is another reason we are an ideal tank partner.


This is the first blog I have seen on your company, very interesting and informative. Tell me more!
Posted @ Friday, July 27, 2012 2:28 PM by Robyn
Great looking load.Another quality tanks out the door!!
Posted @ Friday, July 27, 2012 2:40 PM by Richard Riley
nice job with the trailer. Do you guys ever use a tank stander? a trailer that can load, unload/stand tank on location ? 
In fab, what size of shell segments do you use? 96'' wide ?
Posted @ Sunday, September 09, 2012 11:11 PM by dustin pisch
Usually there is a crane on site so no need for a tank stander on the trailer. 
We use 60" and 72" depending on the tank height and required dimentions.
Posted @ Monday, September 10, 2012 11:42 AM by Ashley
would like to know where to buy a good tank trailer, or who builds them. 
any information would be you ever use outside trucks thanks
Posted @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 2:49 PM by Billy Magill
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