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We’ve got a Tank Partners Convoy…

Posted by Ashley Gill on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 13:04 PM


When our customer wanted all six 1000 BBL tanks delivered at the same time we knew it was going to be a task.

Each 1000 BBL oil field tank is 21’6” wide, 16 feet high. When loaded on the trailers they have an overall height of 19 feet, that’s 5 foot higher than the permitted height in Texas of 14 feet.


Weighing just on 19,000 lbs. and overall capacity of 42,000 gallons, Big Teena and her family are the largest shop fabricated tanks available. The family was destination was Crane Texas, just over 400 miles from Seguin.  

12 Escort Vehicles Required

In addition to the six tractor trailers, the move required 2 escort vehicles per unit. That’s a total of 18 vehicles in convoy to get the tanks to their destination.

We’ve got ourselves a convoy!

Each of the vehicles work as a team, they are in constant radio contact with each other so as to protect the tanks and all other road users.

What a move! We are happy to say all tanks arrived safely at their destination. Congratulation go to Trans Expedite and their team of courageous drivers with nerves of steel.

Watch the video to see this massive convoy of steel oilfield tanks leaving Tank Partners in Seguin, Texas.

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