Let's get technical about our oilfield storage tanks

Oil Field Tanks are either API standard design tanks or specialty design tanks. Tank Partners has the skills and experience to supply both.
API standard tanks include the following requirements:
  • Materials and Design
  • Locations of coupling, piping, flanges etc.Tank Partners ON Site
  • Fabrication methodology and testing
 General API 12 Tank Specifications are:
Shell A36 3/16"
Bottom A36 1/4"
Top A36 3/16"
We also welcome non coded specialty application tanks that include:
RFWNs, coupling, half coupling, flanges, supports, brackets, ground anchors, backing plates, etc.
Just send us the design drawing and we will go to work for you.

Quality Control and Certifications

Mechanical Engineering -    A Analytical (PE, PHD)
Albert Ackermann is the principal of AA and a highly credentialed mechanical PE, and holds a PHD in the discipline. Mr. Ackermann is an “on stream” resource for Tank Partners.
Welding- Raba Kistner consulting (CWI)
Testing- Raba Kistner consulting (NDE level 2)
Eddie Lee (C.W.I, NDE Level II) is lead consultant for Raba Kistner. Mr. Lee is Tank Partners independent QC and QA inspector.
Coating and blasting-    NACE level 3
 All Blasting and Coating work is carried by project managers who are NACE Certified Level-3 and have a complete understanding of a properly applied coating system along with proper QC documentation.
Each Project manager holds certifications from SSPC for QP-1 (Field Application to Complex Industrial and Marine Structures) & QP-2 (Hazardous Paint Removal). Required by these certifications is a full time QC Manager trained in the proper implementation of the program. An annual audit is performed by SSPC to insure all the requirements of the program are met.
For more information about our storage tanks, or anything to do with crude oil storage, please contact us:
Phone    830 433 4866
Email     info@tankpartners.com